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Germany Tests NOx-Based Airport Charges

Aviation Daily by Robert Wall -28 Sep.07

Germany is launching a pilot program to link takeoff and landing charges
with emissions.

The program is slated to start Jan. 1, running at the Frankfurt and Munich
airports and therefore covering around 50% of air traffic in Germany. The
charge will be EUR3 ($4.20) per kilogram of NOx emission.

Michael Kerkloh, chairman of the Munich airport authority, says the program
is designed to both encourage airlines to use aircraft with low NOx
emissions, and drive manufacturers to put more long-term research and
development spending into technical innovation.

The program is supposed to be revenue-neutral for the airport. Fixed fees --
which are linked to maximum takeoff weight of an aircraft -- are being
reduced. Fraport chairman Wilhelm Bender says it would "be counterproductive
to reduce the competitiveness of air transport in Germany by adding new

German transport minister Wolfgang Tiefensee has put his backing behind the

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