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Lufthansa / SWISS and My-Climate offer voluntary carbon offsets

Lufthansa Pressrelease 17 Sep.07 and SWISS website www.swiss.com

Lufthansa and SWISS offer their customers new platform to promote climate protection
Both airlines choose Swiss non-profit organisation “myclimate” as partner for carbon offset donations

From 17 September, Lufthansa passengers will have a further opportunity to play an active role in tackling climate change. Via the independent partner organisation myclimate, ecologically aware air travellers can invest specifically in climate protection projects. Passengers can make donations via a direct link on the website www.lufthansa.com. The money will be used to fund climate protection projects that will help to achieve a direct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. All the projects that have been selected comply with the most stringent quality standards. The myclimate emissions calculator, which takes into account the fuel-consumption data for Lufthansa’s environmentally friendly fleet, provides customers with guidelines for donations. How much they actually give is up to the individual. The myclimate offer does not affect the price of a Lufthansa ticket.

This option to support climate protection projects is the latest platform to enable Lufthansa customers to become involved in protecting mankind and the environment. Since 2006, passengers have been able to donate award miles to aid agencies and environmental organisations as part of the “Miles to Help” initiative. One of the projects to which money can be donated is Living Lakes, which strives to retain lake areas and wetlands worldwide.

“Lufthansa stands for corporate policies that are geared to environmental protection and sustainability. By providing a platform that enables our customers to play a part in climate protection, we are also complying with the wishes of many Lufthansa passengers who are eager to make an effective contribution to the common good,” said Wolfgang Mayrhuber, CEO and Chairman of the Lufthansa Executive Board.

Since 2002, the international initiative myclimate has been one of the leading carbon offset providers. Lufthansa passengers can make an online donation via http://lufthansa.myclimate.org, an Internet page that has been specially set up for Lufthansa. The option is available independent of a flight booking. In addition to the emissions calculator, the web page contains detailed information about the myclimate carbon offset projects to which donations from Lufthansa passengers will go. In its choice of climate protection projects the organisation is committed to the highest quality standards and guarantees to adhere to the criteria for ecological and social sustainability.

Elsewhere within the Group, SWISS is also offering its passengers a platform for reducing their carbon footprint in cooperation with myclimate, with effect from today. Lufthansa’s corporate clients can settle their carbon offset donations automatically via the Group subsidiary AirPlus, which offers a fully integrated solution.

Lufthansa’s environmental performance continues to go from strength to strength. Since 1991 the airline has succeeded in lowering its fuel consumption by almost 30 per cent to the present level of 4.4 litres per 100 passenger-kilometres. At the same time, the company realises half of its annual transport growth without any additional CO2 emissions. Lufthansa is currently investing well over 12 billion euros in more than 130 new fuel-efficient aircraft and has received recognition for its environmental commitment. For 2007/2008, the company has again been included in the internationally renowned Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

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SWISS offers its customers to offset the CO2 emissions generated each time they travel by air. SWISS and Lufthansa have entered into a partnership with myclimate, the Swiss-based charitable foundation.

The airlines work with myclimate to calculate the cost of offsetting the volume of CO2 emissions that can be ascribed to each passenger on a flight. This “carbon offset” amount will be invested by myclimate in climate protection projects selected by SWISS. The foundation assures that this will save the same amount of CO2 as was generated by the passenger’s flight.

The certified projects all meet agreed international criteria. They carry the Gold Standard, which is currently the highest distinction for carbon offset projects. It applies eco-criteria devised by the WWF and other international environmental protection organisations. They guarantee that any project meets the highest sustainability requirements in both ecological and social terms.

For more details of the carbon offset, visit swiss.myclimate.org

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