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No growth in passenger and air transport movements at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in 2008

Schiphol Group Pressrelease - 4 Jan.08

Last year 47.8 million passengers travelled via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; 3.7% more than the year before. The number of air transport movements rose by 3.0% to 436,000 and cargo traffic experienced a 5.5% growth to over 1.6 million tonnes. These figures were presented by Gerlach Cerfontaine, President and CEO of Schiphol Group, at the New Year's reception this afternoon.
This year, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol passenger and air transport movement figures will experience little to no growth. Cargo traffic, on the other hand, will to continue to increase by approximately 4%.

The reason for the expected zero growth in passenger and air transport movements is the introduction, on 1 July, of the eco tax on tickets. Mr Cerfontaine announced that Schiphol Group, like the Board of Airline Representatives in the Netherlands (BARIN), will be launching an appeal against the introduction of the ticket tax.
"Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be losing market share in these areas in 2008 compared to other major European airports," according to Mr Cerfontaine. "This is detrimental to the airport's competitive position as a European hub; detrimental to employment prospects at the airport and throughout the region; detrimental to tourism to and from the Netherlands. And also detrimental to the environment, since it is only a matter of time before many people start opting for airports outside the Netherlands."

He announced that Schiphol Group at the beginning of 2008 will be publishing the Schiphol Climate Plan. "It details our plans for realising a CO2-neutral Amsterdam Airport Schiphol by 2012. Looking ahead even further, by 2020 we intend for 20% of all energy consumed at Schiphol to be generated via sustainable methods, and for CO2 emissions from all other activities to be lowered by 30% in respect of 1990 levels. An ambitious goal to be sure, but one we feel is within reach," according to Mr Cerfontaine.

Schiphol Group will be investing a total of over 550 million euros towards expansion and upgrading of its facilities - considerably more than in 2007. The majority will go towards funding upgrades and expansion of basic facilities at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Baggage handling is a vital component of this process, and one in which Schiphol Group will be investing over 100 million euros this year. Other areas of renewed and substantial investment are security and fire safety. In addition, Schiphol Group will invest in new and existing real estate projects, in the redevelopment of Lounge 3 and in a major overhaul of Runway 18C-36C (Zwanenburgbaan).

The Alders platform
Mr Cerfontaine was happy to note that last year the parties in the Alders platform for consultation between the aviation sector and the airport environment reached agreement on the possibilities of growth for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the short term . As a result, the airport may continue expanding its air transport movements to a total of 480,000 by 2010. The Dutch government has adopted this recommendation. "Now at least we have the assurance that, for the next three years, limitations imposed by current noise caps will not pose a problem."
In the autumn of 2007 the Alders platform proceeded to the next phase: Schiphol's expansion in the medium and long term, to 2018/2020. By the close of the first quarter of 2008 it will be clear whether an agreement can be reached. "Though the road ahead is certain to be a difficult one, we plan to approach it from a constructive angle."

Mr Cerfontaine hopes that in the aviation memorandum that will appear this year, the government will give a clear statement concerning growth prospects for other airports in the Netherlands. "It goes without saying that a situation in which we are asked to implement a selectivity policy and to transfer certain traffic and transport segments from Schiphol to other airports, would be inoperable when those airports have no capacity for expansion," according to the President and CEO of Schiphol Group. He added that Schiphol Group would be prepared to transfer 10,000 non-hub related flights to Lelystad Airport upon conclusion of the necessary procedures and is also prepared to invest in Lelystad Airport to this end.

Schiphol Group is an airport operator. The company's aim is to create sustainable value for its stakeholders by developing AirportCities and by positioning Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the leading AirportCity. The company's ambition is to rank among the world's leading airport companies.

Schiphol Group owns and operates Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam Airport and Lelystad Airport and has a 51% share in Eindhoven Airport. Outside the Netherlands, Schiphol USA Inc. has a share in JFK IAT, which operates Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York and Schiphol Australia has a share in Brisbane Airport Corporation, the operator of Brisbane Airport. http://www.schipholgroup.com

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