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Evironment Vote adds € 6 million a year to average regional airline - says ERA

Air Transport News 10 Oct.08

Source: ERA 10/10/2008

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) reacted strongly to this week’s vote of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee to impose 100% auctioning of carbon permits for aviation by 2020, saying this will add a further €6 million a year for a typical regional carrier.

Speaking to the media at the Association’s annual General Assembly in Manchester on Thursday, Mike Ambrose, director general said: “Air transport’s problems are now vastly overshadowed by the larger economic crisis”, and he criticised the Environment Committee (ENVI) vote for imposing additional burdens on an industry already crippled with soaring costs and reduced consumer confidence.

“The fact that more than 1100 amendments to the mother directive were proposed without any form of impact assessment when so much is at risk – company survival, jobs, international access for Europe’s regions – is not just grossly unacceptable, it is thoroughly irresponsible.

“States, regulators and politicians need to recognise that we are not far off from a situation in which investment in air transport development will cease because the cost of uncontrolled additional regulations will have changed the balance from ‘prudent investment’ to ‘lottery’.

“Our challenge now is to make governments accept that aviation is an essential tool for helping to rebuild European economies.”

ERA members agreed a Resolution at today’s Annual General Meeting in Manchester calling on the European Commission, MEPs and European Council of Ministers to ensure that changes to EU Regulation 2003/87/EC (the “mother directive”) do not further amend the scheme for air transport already agreed by the European Parliament. The full Resolution is appended to this press release.

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