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BAR UK alerts Olympic Committees of prohibitive airline tax

BAR UK Pressrelease 16 Oct.09

In a move to highlight the impact on inbound tourism by the massive increases to Air Passenger Duty (APD), BAR UK has written to all 156 National Olympic Committees outside of Europe alerting them to the substantial increase in travel costs and inviting them to express their concerns to their relevant British Embassy or High Commission.

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK (BAR UK), representing 93 airlines, has become increasingly frustrated with the Governments apparent disregard to the concerns by travel and tourism industry experts over the excessive increases in taxation.

BAR UK is particularly concerned about the impact on inbound tourism and the potential effect on visitor numbers to the London 2012 Olympic Games and beyond. Many of the poorer nations struggle to raise funds to send teams to larger host countries and the planned level of taxation in place by 2012 will act as a considerable barrier to the number of team members and supporters attending theLondon games.

Aviation, travel and tourism is a global industry where imposing substantial taxation on a local level can only create a negative impact on the economic competitiveness of the UK.

BAR UK Chief Executive, Mike Carrivick commented “The London 2012 Olympic Games are a showcase for the UK and a major opportunity to present to the world our tourism offering and competiveness. It therefore does not make sense that the UK is imposing the highest rates of taxation in the world, with no environmental benefits and in the process damaging the country’s international reputation and a hugely important UK industry.”


Notes to Editors
BAR UK represents over 90 scheduled airlines in the UK in their dealings with Government, Government Departments, Regulators and Airport Operators. Full details can be found on www.bar-uk.org

For further information contact:
Mike Carrivick FRAeS Chief Executive BAR UK Ltd.
E-mail: mike.carrivick@bar-uk.org

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