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Germany confirms new environmental tax on passengers

ATW Daily News by Kurt Hofmann 2 Sep.10

Lufthansa has criticized Germany’s new air passenger duty tax.

The German government approved a highly criticized air passenger duty tax, which took effect Wednesday for bookings beginning Jan. 1, 2011.

The "ecological air travel levy" was included in a package of government spending cuts introduced earlier this year by Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has maintained that Berlin needs to slash spending by €80 billion ($101.5 billion) by 2014 to alleviate the nation's shaky fiscal situation.The new tax is expected to raise €1 billion ($1.27 billion) annually.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he does not expect that airlines will suffer from the tax. Instead, he said, carriers will pass it on to their passengers. Passengers boarding flights in Germany will be charged €8 for domestic and intra-European short-haul flights, €25 for medium-haul flights and €45 for long-haul flights.

The German Airport Assn. criticized the new tax, which it believes could mean the loss of thousands of jobs in the country's aviation industry. Lufthansa said the fee will weaken Germany's airlines by encouraging passengers to bypass the country. The Netherlands and Denmark both tried similar taxes before dropping them after seeing travelers bypass their airports in favor of lower cost alternatives in near-by countries.

Posted comments
reply.01 Sep
I might speak out of
By Anonymous
I might speak out of ignorance but as long as I know airlines are not the biggest polluters. Does an ecological tax exists on car owners? What about other big polluters in other industries, do they pay an ecological tax?
Just wondering....

reply.01 Sep
AL..This is big government
By Retired Air Line Emp
AL..This is big government greed, pure & simple and will further harm the airline industry. Now that it's been proven that "Global Warming" is a leftist hoax, there is little need to continue these types of confiscatory taxes!

reply.01 Sep
You didn't read the article..
By Anonymous
You didn't read the article.. this tax will go to German coffers to be spent as they see fit. It's merely a revenue source to counter budget cuts elsewhere. They can call it what they want but I have yet to see a Government that actually spends money on what it's intended for. Tax, Tax, Tax.

reply.01 Sep
The German government calls
By pgwrox
The German government calls it a "ecological air travel levy", but it seems it will be used to prop up the "nation's shaky financial situation"; if that is the case, then the government is extremely hypocritical. Couldn't the airlines -as well as passengers, band together to ensure the government uses the revenue for environment improvement purposes, or otherwise kill this tax grab?

reply.01 Sep
Yes, I will avoid travel
By Steven
Yes, I will avoid travel through Germany if this tax makes the trip more expensive. I already avoid the U.K. because of their Air Passenger Duty.

reply.01 Sep
Wow - another foolish tax on
By Fabo
Wow - another foolish tax on air travel. Yes, I will avoid Germany - AMS and Schiphol airport are superb anyway and now without having to pay and extra $50 why would I go to FRA/DUS/MUC??? Danke-Schoein and Auf Weiderschein!

reply.01 Sep
The GHG emissions from
By Anonymous
The GHG emissions from airlines industry is actually very low at 2% from the total emissions. It's just another excuse of the government to increase their income!

reply.02 Sep
Looks like I'll be connecting
By vm
Looks like I'll be connecting via other cities in Europe other than in Germany.

reply.02 Sep
Environmental taxes are a
By Steve
Environmental taxes are a misnomer, and purely a licence for Governments to print money. The Airline business faces massive challenges and these fare increases do nothing to stablise the already shaky positions of many airlines and their employees. I personally used to fly a lot via Frankfurt and Munich.... I will use Schipol in future without a doubt.

reply.02 Sep
There is really NOTHING green
There is really NOTHING green about this tax ... All the proceeds are generated in order to flow into Germany's budget coffers. If ever someone has read the smallprint and discovered that Germany will allocate these new financial ressources to (green) research and development, please speak up. I did not find it.

reply.02 Sep
another paradox of the
another paradox of the Germans trying desperately to cover up a bit of thier huge budget deficit.... there environmental extremes are surely going to extremes I would say..but this again is typical Germans!!!!

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