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ICAO adopts new noise standard

atwonline.com by Linda Blachly | February 14, 2013

ICAO has adopted a new noise standard with more stringent requirements for future commercial aircraft. The Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection agreed to lower the current standard by seven Effective Perceived Noise Decibels, compared to the current Chapter 4 Standard, which became effective in 2006.

The new stringent noise standard will apply to new-design aircraft entering service from 2017 and for lower weight aircraft entering service from 2020. The new standard will be presented for final review and approval by the ICAO Council later this year and will come into force Dec. 31, 2017.

“This new noise standard is an important step for aviation and will provide a much quieter environment for the many communities living in proximity to the world’s airports,” ICAO secretary general Raymond Benjamin said. “ICAO is encouraged that, while it took air transport more than 20 years to agree to the last significant noise reduction standard, this one has been determined in less than half that time. This progress confirms our community’s continued determination to deliver on tangible and consensus-based environmental improvements.”

Airbus said new standard is another major step in how the global commercial aviation industry is pro-actively addressing environmental protection.

Airbus president Fabrice Brégier said, “Over the past 40 years, Airbus has put a lot of effort into reducing noise at source and to bringing the quietest aircraft to the market.”

Airbus said all its development aircraft—the neo and A350 XWB—are designed to be compliant with the new noise standard.

IATA also supported the agreement. DG and CEO Tony Tyler said, “Air transport is already 75% quieter than it was four decades ago and the industry will continuously pursue cost-effective noise management options to reduce the number of people subject to aircraft noise, in line with our broader global commitments on sustainability and environmental performance.”

bron: www.atwonline.com

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