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BARIN: Environment Tax on Airtransport is not the answer

6 Feb.07

Extract from the BARIN Chairman Address 2007:

- Air transport contributes a small part of global CO2 emissions—2%. By contrast, the air transport industry supports 8% of global economic activity. Even if all air travel stopped, the result is only a 2% global improvement in CO2 emissions. But the impact on global economies would be disastrous.

- Taxes are not the answer. They do nothing for the environment. And they kill the economic social benefits that air transport brings. A solution must be found that does not limit airlines' ability to invest in new technology.

- Environmental responsibility is a pillar of our industry alongside safety and security. We are the safest form of transport because of global standards and harmonisation. The same approach is needed to deliver the best results on environment issues.

- Such Tax doesn't contribute to environmental measures. It unjustifiably increases the price of airtransportation.

- There is an ongoing increasing demand for more mobility, and such a tax will victimise the airlines and their customers, i.e. the passenger.

- Level playing field world wide and for all transport modes is a "must", in case one insists on such a tax

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